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The reflection by Rev. Jeanne Randall-Bodman presented on Sunday, September 17, 2023.

“We talk a lot about unconditional love here in the Progressive Church, and I just want to remind us that when we focus on God’s all-embracing love, that doesn’t require us to relativize evil or pretend it isn’t true. If we did that, that would be to make God’s love cruel and weak, and not compassionate and strong. We humans make love and judgement separate and mutually exclusive things. But, two things can be true. Where we cry out for revenge and retribution and punishment, God hold’s out for restorative justice; justice that doesn’t leave anyone hurt.”

Podcast 9-17-2023


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Liberating Word:

  • Psalm 103: 1-13
  • Romans 14: 1-13, 15: 1,7
  • Matthew 18: 21-35

Our podcast theme music, "Listen!", was composed by KMUCC members Dave Parker and Kathy Walden (used with permission of the composers).